Hi I'm Marcos, I'm a pasty white cis male from Porto, Portugal. I intend to write whatever randomness comes to mind. It could be about tech, short fiction or about the merits of storing pee in the balls. I'll think about it and if it's good enough to post I'll jot it down.

I love unsettling stories so there could be mild triggers. Careful with the #shortfiction tag and look at the title to check if the subject is distressing to you.

I'm using WriteFreely, which is a self-hosted, decentralized (no crypto) blogging platform using ActivityPub for publishing beautiful, simple blogs. You can find out more about WriteFreely in the link in the footer.

Notice the comment box below? It's not there by default, WriteFreely doesn't come with commenting features. I'm using Isso.

The theme I'm using is a slightly adapted Anxiety theme written by yungleary. Kudos to him. Changes include less colours, support for code brackets and styles for the commenting box.

You can also find more about me at my website. It has my email if you wish to send hate mail.

Thanks for visiting.