God Mode and Unlimited Ammo for Mount & Blade: Warband 1.174

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I've geen getting a lot of mileage from M&B: Warband. Cheating has been an important factor that enhanced the experience for me independently of the mod I'm using, but it's a bit difficult to find cheats for it apart from the ones the game allows.

The best one I got is for Cheat Engine and made by Recifense over at FearLess Cheat Engine, a community of people who share cheat tables.

This is the thread, download the table mb_warband_v1-173_Steam_Unknown_CE67_S30_AOB_T30.CT and open it in Cheat Engine. God Mode (for you, your horse and your troops) and Unlimited Ammo works flawlessly, but you need to have ammo next to the weapon in the inventory (very important!).

Screenshot of the Inventory on the mod Gekokujo, highlighting weapon and ammo next to each other

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The rest of the options should cause crashes.