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John was one of Twitter's early adopters. He relished in its simplicity, something he was lacking in hi5. Bought a latte? Cool, send it in.

A tweet of his would unwittingly change the world.

Being a massive weeaboo, John chose the handle @satoshinakamoto to tweet inane musings that would, on good days, get 3 likes, or “favorites” in Twitter parlance. That was considered a lot. Most of its posts never received much engagement but he was happy.

Ann, always a prankster, gave John a large coin for his birthday. To commemorate the moment, they took a picture together where John would bit the coin like an athlete biting a medal. He bit it too hard and chipped his tooth.

In a moment that would forever change the world, he posted the picture.

“Ow! Bit a coin and thipped my toot!”

Two retweets and five favorites?! How could it be?

A student came across his tweet and realized he found out the perfect name for his work. He later posted on Metzdowd the whitepaper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

Unknowingly, John would later close his account and move to Facebook to help watering crops at his pestering friends' farms at FarmVille. Perhaps it was for the best as he would get tired of constant political bickering by people he knew nothing about.

That experience would later lead him and his flatmate Edouard Siddon to invest on Eugen Rochko and start a new social network similar to Twitter called Mastodon, where he would later be remembered as John Mastodon.