Ann's visit to the Fourth Wall

#annverse #shortfiction

The door opens. “This apartment has great potential!” says the realtor.

“There's plans for a new subway station near the building, there's a bus every 10 minutes that can take you downtown and there's also a park close by. Pretty useful if you have pets.”

A shot is fired in the distance. Loud barks were heard in the apartment below. Or was it upstairs? Or to the left?

“And the neighbours?” asks Ann. “Very peaceful. You shouldn't have any problems in the area. Here's the living room!”. It was comfy, but smaller than the photos from the internet. The floor looked like hardwood on the website but it was actually wooden tiles. No matter, Ann wasn't expecting luxury for this price.

Next to the living room was the bedroom and the bathroom. The bathroom had a shower, a bidet and a lavatory. Something appears to be missing but Ann didn't quite knew what.

The bedroom seemed unexceptional at first glance. It was devoid of furniture but it looked like it only had space for a single bed. That was a problem. Two years into her first job, Ann was finally looking for her own space and having a single bed would mean issues when her girlfriend comes to town for work. She dismissed her concerns quickly. Any space was a good space if it meant leaving her nosy parents' house. Besides, the living room had a lot of space. It could be turned into a bedroom in a flash.

Ann went to open the curtains. “STO-” the realtor didn't have time to continue when Ann set the curtains wide opened. Two tired eyes greeted her through the window. Reading her blood-curdling scream, the pair of eyes followed her every running step through the house to escape. Unimpressed by the twist, the eyes revolved, closed the window and Ann ceased to exist.

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